Singers are sexy! singing together makes you happier, healthier and sexier! But where are all the men?

Singing is Sexy, Where are all the men?

**Photo by Spring Studio.

The health benefits of singing are well-documented and widely accepted – singing together makes you happier, healthier and sexier! But where are all the men?

Women all over Melbourne have discovered these secrets and join choirs in droves, now it’s time for the blokes!

Singing means deep breathing, increased blood flow and more oxygen is circulated throughout your body. Endorphins, the brain’s “feel good” chemicals are released and your mood is elevated – the stresses of the day slip away.

Your brain may also function better as singing may help form new neural connections making you feel more confident and alert as you blow away your work-day cobwebs.

As you sing and move and get into the groove, you get the same positive physical effects as exercise but without expensive gym memberships and designer trainers.

But, best of all, as you sing, oxytocin, the “bonding” hormone is increased making you ready to meet new people, form friendships and possibly more! Surely, if you are happier, calmer, friendlier, healthier and more confident that will lead to more success in the bedroom department?

So, can you croon a tune like Michael Bublé?  Can you belt it like Bon Jovi?  If not, don’t despair,  you don’t need to be a superstar. If you can hold a note,  join a choir. Choirs are good for your soul and better for your love life. Even if you’re lacking in musical prowess many choirs don’t require auditions or expect you to read music.

Article written by Elizabeth Donaldson
Elizabeth Donaldson has been with Melbourne Singers of Gospel (MSG) for over four years and just loves the elation she gets from singing, the friendships she has made and is very proud to be committed to a choir that produces such amazing results.

Melbourne Singers of Gospel (MSG) located in Melbourne, Australia.
They are a secular soul, blues and gospel choir and there is always space for more men! They also host  “Music in Me”, MSG’s annual gala performance with funky house band, The Soul Train, at South Melbourne Town Hall on Nov 15 Check them out at:

Get singing, get happy.

Want more evidence of the benefits of singing together? Check out previous post ‘All in a Heart Beat’ 

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