August 14, 2014 – We’re Going to Stay!

100 ukuleles playing “Should I stay or Should I go” -the Austin Ukulele Society (AUS), have also provided their presentation and music sheet for download.

Austin Ukulele Society (AUS)

August’s meeting, our biggest to date, had nearly 100 ukulele players singing and strumming a great tune by The Clash: “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” The fast tempo and contagious rhythm energized our talented group who proved yet again what a wonderfully diverse instrument our beloved ukulele is, moving seamlessly from reggae to 80’s punk rock, to Tin Pan Alley tunes and Willie Nelson country.

You can download the lyrics and chords for “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” or download a copy of the presentation (what we project up on the wall for all to follow along).

A huge thank you to those who shared a tune they’re working on – you all sounded great, and we look forward to hearing more at the Rattle Inn on Tuesday, August 19, and at future meetings. 🙂

Vince, Phillip and Kevin, Janet
Erin, Ryan, and Michael
We’re looking…

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