Singing Glow

**Image by, this blog is in response to ‘Quiet Thursday – Story Prompt’

I look at this photograph and try to conjure a story. I am mindful that if we post this, that folk coming to read it may be wondering why I am looking at photographs of crumpets and not cornets.

But there is something really lovely about this image and it draws me in. The time of day in which it’s set is nebulous. There is a lack of natural light and the darkness and shadows; the pause in eating, food momentarily set aside, suggests a winding down, a reverence. There is no perceivable sense of rush, nothing to move on to, this is a moment being savoured in serenity and solitude. It suggests a moment following an event.

It implies something else, an activity or an episode in time, which has happened outside of the image that has led to this point. For now, I’m imagining it was an evening of song. This evokes recognition in me of the way I feel after I’ve been singing all evening.

Singing seems to open up new realms of possibility. It taps into a part of my mind which is free from responsibility or worry. It is like entering a meditative state of personal enlightenment, like going into a different room. And it leaves me with a warm glow like the one cast across the plate in the image.

I often return home following an evening of singing feeling too elated to go straight to sleep, and slightly removed from reality. Quite often, the house will grow silent around me, and I will find myself the only one awake, calm but on a natural high.

We would love to know what everyone else’s post singing snapshot would look like. I can’t be the only person in the world left feeling excitable and restless with a mind too stimulated to settle straight away, even if that same mind has tried to convince me that I am too zapped to even contemplate leaving the house, earlier in the evening.

That’s enough about me. We want to hear from you too, so what is your personal post-singing snapshot? If you feel inclined to share it, conjure up your own moment in time and leave us a comment…

Deb Carveth
CMVic Online Editor

Community Music Victoria – Website

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