WelcomeIf you’re looking for the brand spanking new Community Music Victoria (CMVic) blog then rest assured you’re in the right place so come right in.

That said, there’s no need to rush off, let us tell you a little more about what we do at CMVic. Here’s a potted history and a quick overview of the work we do.

Our vision for this blog is great interviews, articles and collaborations with community music makers disseminating the experiences of music and singing group leaders and participants; shared stories, reflections and philosophies.

We’re really fired up about making all this come to life to sustain and nourish the music making movement at a grass roots level, keep everything fresh and green, encourage new growth, keep people in touch with each other and to provide opportunites for new connections.

We’d love it if you decide to follow us in our journey and read as things unfold and take shape.

Deb Carveth
CMVic Online Editor

Leave your calling card; we love to hear what you think.

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